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June 2, 2019
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Welcome to the next epistle. I’m glad that I made such an impression last time with my numismatic observations.

What’s more, the reminiscing continues with three pre-1967 pennies and a threepenny bit.

I won’t mention the pathetic attempt at a washer. On the other hand, someone has been to Singapore recently – their 20 cent piece is exactly the same size as

In my wanderings, I came across some comments from a wise scholar of Chinese Classical times some 2,500 years ago:

The Marquis of Qi said, “Only Chiu is in harmony with me!”
Yen Tzu replied, “All that Chiu does is agree with you – wherein is the harmony?”
“Is there a difference between ‘harmony’ and ‘agreement’?” asked the Marquis.
Yen Tzu replied, ‘There is. Harmony is like making broth. One uses water, fire, vinegar, sauce, salt and plum to cook his fish and meat, and burns firewood and stalks as fuel for the cooking process. The cook blends these ingredients harmoniously to achieve the appropriate flavour. Where it is too bland, he adds flavouring, and where it is too concentrated, he dilutes it with water. When you partake of this broth, you feel most content. The relationship
between ruler and minister is the same ...“
Now Chiu is not acting accordingly. Whatever you say is right, Chiu also says is right; whatever you say is wrong, Chiu also says is wrong. If you add water to flavour water, who can eat it?”


There have been some emails offering good things for your health and others offering good things for other people’s health and well-being. I humbly bring them to your attention in the hope that some will respond.

Have you heard of Broga? It's Yoga for the Bros!

Hutt City Council's Yoga for Men

Do you or someone you know need to take some time out, relax and wind down from work or stretch out those tight hamstrings?

Send them along to our Broga class!

We know that it's not always easy for some men to talk about their health and well-being. We are here to help! Keeping active is an effective way you can care for your bodies so we've created this yoga class for males.

Thursdays | 7.15pm | Hutt Recreation Ground Grandstand (top floor)

We offer a non-judgemental and 'no lycra required' simple yoga class suitable for all abilities. We've had dads bring along their sons, brothers, work colleagues, and mates getting together to join us at Broga. Here's what one of the blokes had to say about the class:

"It's a safe environment, where I can learn the basics of yoga. It was less
intimidating to be around men who had the same skill level as I did."

For more info, email us at or phone: 04 560 0308.

Rebecca Grigg
Parks & Recreation Planner
Hutt City Council, Pelorus Trust Sports House, Hutt Park, Seaview, Private Bag 31912, Lower Hutt 5040, New Zealand
T , M 027 203 2594, W

YOUth Inspire

Youth Inspire

My name is Kerryn Parke and I work at YOUth Inspire, a not-for-profit organisation, based in Naenae, Lower Hutt – just round the corner form you!

We are a small organisation that supports young people aged 18 – 24 to find meaningful work and/or education and training opportunities. Our clients typically live in high unemployment areas.

We have recently launched our Community Driving School programme to help our clients, as well as college aged students, in our catchment areas (Wainuiomata, Naenae, Taita and Stokes Valley) gain their restricted driver licences.

One of the main reasons for this is that 70 - 80% of jobs required employees to drive – either as part of the job or to get to/from shift-work.

Our clients need help for a variety of reasons such as: they have no-one in their family who has a drivers licence and can supervise them legally, they don’t have access to a car to practice in, they can’t afford to get professional lessons etc.

We rely on volunteer mentors (mainly retirees from our local community) to coach and support the learner drivers by providing them with 2 x 1 hour weekly lessons.

All learner drivers are assessed by a professional driving instructor first to ensure they have enough driving skills to participate in the programme, so our mentors are not teaching them from scratch.

All mentors also receive training by a professional driving instructor.

We are in need of more mentors and are looking for ways to find mentors.

Would any of your members be interested in hearing more about our work and/or signing up to be a volunteer mentor?

If yes, please feel free to get in contact with me to discuss further.

Nga mihi,
Kerryn Parke
Driving School Coordinator
Naenae, Lower Hutt

For Those Who Like Mysteries

Whenever we put red carpenters pencils out in the rack they steadily disappear.

Recently, Tony put a number of yellow ones out and they have lasted for more than two weeks!

Why is that?


New Cot, well done John and Bert!

We had a small glitch over the last few months when a doll’s cot that a lady wanted repaired for her granddaughter went missing.

A bit embarrassing all round really, but John S, ever the diplomat, managed to strike a good deal that promised to keep everyone happy.

Bert took the bit between his teeth (a strange metaphor under the circumstances!) and made a superb job of a new cot for the granddaughter.

Thanks to them both for sorting it all out and I suspect the lady came out much better off with her new cot.

Naenae Market sign

As seems to be happening more frequently than ever, we have been asked to build some things for Council activities.

This time it is a bench seat made from pallets for the Hillary Court area in Naenae. It looked pretty rough and ready but is apparently fashionable and with a couple of promised cushions should be comfortable as well.

With the amount of timber involved in its construction, we predicted that it would pass the ‘not to be easily moved’ test.

Well anyway, it lasted a few days before wandering off. I hesitate to suggest that the gentleman who was around when we delivered it and enquired as to whether we could make him one too had anything to do with it!

More work for the Council with a request to frame and erect a sign for Cambridge Terrace to advertise a weekly Saturday Market in Hillary Court in the centre of the shopping area there.

All part of an effort to keep the centre viable after the closure of the swimming pool and the loss of all the visitor traffic that has resulted in.

All went well, the wind died down and Scott was a big help in getting a tidy job done.

Let’s hope the market is a success and the sign can stay there longer than the currently designated three weeks which seems like a rather half-hearted attempt to help out Naenae.

Another more ambitious project for the Central Business |District in greater Lower Hutt is a request for three casual seats and ‘tables’ for a pop-up area at the corner of Queens Drive and Waterloo Road.

Paul and Josh with The Bike

The Bike

Not all our work is for the Council and over the last few weeks Paul has been helping Josh

make the love of his life, a Harley Davidson motor bike.

Once the initial ‘How on earth’ and ‘what have I done’ were over, he has taken up the challenge with enthusiasm.

The detailed work being created has to be seen to be believed and I am sure Josh will be for ever grateful.

The current progress reflects the amazing concentration that is going into it as you can see from the photo. More to follow.

Toy story

Toy Making

Wooden toy-making remains one of our default activities.

Unfortunately we seem to have accumulated a large number of the half-finished varieties.

A big thank you must go to Bert for quietly getting on and tackling some of these and putting the last bits in place which are always the tricky ones to fit.

Trophy Time!

The trophy shop keeps sending us little jobs. The most recent was to make a base for a lump of scaffolding that the local Scaffolder’s Group wanted to use as a trophy.

Easy enough, you may think, but mounting it in an original and interesting way did have its challenge.

That wasn’t helped by some of the planned square base timber ending up on someone’s lathe!

Home is where the roost is

One other project in the ‘passing on skills to the younger generation’ category, is Habib’s pigeon house. This was rather bigger than we could comfortably cope with so it was designed to be flat packed and constructed on site.

Naenae College provided the materials and allowed Habib time-off during school hours to get it done with a bit of help from the Shed members.

Once we got going he fell into the mode of measuring and marking out the sheets of ply, helping cut out the structure, educating us on what pigeons liked and getting it built.

The reward came when we took it round to his home and fitted it all together with no hiccups.

He is now the proud owner of a second house for his pigeons, and the ones we spoke to in his first smaller model pigeon house, were very happy and appreciative of his providing them with such comfort.

Tray success!

Melissa has been making a tray for her mother with a little help from Tony. The result is superb and will no doubt be a benefit to any household.


Garage Sale

As planned (!) we held a garage sale on Saturday, April 6. It was primarily to give Ross Hardie’s family a chance to sell his excellent timber collected for all sorts of purposes.

We also took the opportunity to sell some of the surplus Shed items that we have accumulated over the years.

I can’t put a figure on the Hardie sales but the trailer they brought went home with at least half or more of it gone and there were a lot of smiling faces amongst the wood turners who had come for the their regular monthly session.

As far as the Shed was concerned, it was a brilliant success.

Although we made a couple of hundred dollars for our kitty, the big gain was the departure of quite a bit of ‘spare’ stuff. Add to that we have arranged for a lot of the rest to go to a second hand dealer in Levin and you can see why we’re so happy.

What really impressed me was how aggressively some of the members took their salesmanship as you can see from the accompanying photo. It’s a wonder we managed to sell anything!

Graham and Jim’s Road Trip

Clearly we didn’t sell everything we were keen to see off when we had the Garage Sale.

Graham has a tame contact in Levin with a second hand shop who was quite happy to take whatever else we had.

Being too good an offer to turn down, he and Jim took an excursion up that way with a van load of ‘goodies’. All went well, with the addition of another $200 to our bank account, until they decided to go on a tiki tour around the other local second hand dealers.

Another one Graham knew about turned out to be closed, so they spread their wings and headed for an excellent one in Fielding which was noted for the range of machinery they had. Unfortunately this had also closed a few months ago, but a lot of the stuff had apparently gone to the Salvation Army store. ‘No, we sent it to Marton’. OK, that’s only 35 minutes away we’ll try there. That shop had shifted, but undaunted, they followed the trail to the new site – closed! With tail between legs they made their way home, claiming $4 for the petrol used which seemed pretty minimal to me.

Healthy in the Hutt

The Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt is organising this event to take place in the Walter Nash Stadium on Saturday June 22, 2019 from 9am to 2pm.

Stalls will be arranged in the entrance and foyer of the venue adjacent to the library. Indoor netball next door ensures considerable foot traffic in the area.

The organisations involved are all concerned with the physical and mental wellbeing of our citizens, and The Menz Shed will fit in well.

Having been convinced by this sales pitch, we have agreed to have a stall there and will use it to increase the public’s awareness of the Shed and how it contributes to our well-being, and the well-being of anyone else who would like to come along.

Archie Kerr

Wood worker, Monthly Newsletter Epistle writer

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